Everything you need to know about engagement photos

Why do we need engagement photos?

You have probably seen at this point a ton of other couples getting engagement photos, and maybe you thought why? Is it really necessary? Why do you need to be engaged to get photos done? (p.s. you don’t, you can document what chapter in your life you’re currently in whenever – not just after a certain milestone).

The average couple doesn’t have a lot of experience having their photos taken by a professional, so going into your wedding day having a professional photographer follow you around all day can feel daunting. Having engagement photos done prior to the wedding allows you to see how your photographer works and helps you feel more comfortable being in front of the camera. Not only does it let you see how the photographer works, but this is a great time to get to know each other a lot better so when the photographer shows up on your wedding day it doesn’t feel like a complete stranger!

And of course, getting engaged is exciting!! It’s a huge moment in your love story and it deserves to be documented so you two can look back on the engagement photos and re-remember all of the feelings you had!

When’s a good time to have engagement photos done?

I usually recommend having your engagement photos done in a different season than you’re planning on getting married in. For example, if you’re getting married in the spring or summer it’s great to have your engagement photos done in the fall or winter then. Doing this will give you more variety in photos since you’ll get a lot of the two of you during your wedding day in one season!

In regards to time of day photographers absolutely LOVE golden hour (the first hour after the sun rises, or 1 hour before sunset). This allows the photographer to have beautiful lighting and ensure no harsh shadows are on your face – it also creates such stunning bokeh with the light really illuminating your surroundings!

Where you should go for your session

Engagement photos can be done anywhere! Outside, inside, in a studio, in your home, a bar, etc. Your photographer should help you narrow down what vibe you’re going for and what you’re really wanting to capture during this season in your life and provide you with suggestions from that.

If you’re wanting something super beautiful like being on top of a mountain, keep in mind that you will either have to hike there in the early morning or late evening (golden hour), or hire a helicopter – always a cool way to get to the top!

What do I use the engagement photos for?

Engagement photos are great for wedding invitations! It allows your guests to have a little keepsake of the two of you and adds a personalized touch. I strongly recommend printing the engagement photos as well, whether to hang some on the wall or put in an album. You might look at the photos a lot on your phone at first, but as time goes on they will slowly start getting higher up in your phone’s photo album. You’re most likely going to love your engagement photos too so why not hang them where you can see them lots?

How do we pose for the photos?

You don’t have to worry about posing for engagement photos! Your photographer will help guide you through the session and let you know exactly what to do. I personally don’t do poses, which might sound scary at first but I provide different prompts for the couple which makes the photos personalized – not just cookie cutter poses that every couple does. Don’t stress about what to do, it’s the photographer’s job to ensure you two are comfortable and able to be yourselves and have the best time together!

What should we wear?

It’s super tempting to immediately go and buy a whole new outfit for your engagement photos, but I actually suggest not doing this! Having a photoshoot done can be a bit scary at first, especially if you’ve never had one done before. Which is why wearing clothes you already wear and feel comfortable in helps make the process that much better! You might have a favourite pair of jeans and a t-shirt that you always wear – wear that!! Seriously, the engagement session is to capture your story now and maybe that t-shirt is part of it.

There are a few things to avoid when choosing clothing, since ultimately the focus should be on you two not on your attire. Avoid any super bright colours, this not only takes the focus off of you two but it can also reflect the colour back onto your partner in certain lighting. A few other things to avoid: busy patterns that are distracting, and things that don’t make sense (think heels on the beach, or sandals in the snow, etc.). If you’re feeling overwhelmed with deciding what will look good or not I’d suggest reaching out to your photographer with photos of what you’re thinking of wearing – they can usually tell you what will look best!

I provide a 10 page outfit guide to help guide you through the whole process in more depth when you book a couples/engagement session with me!

Ready to have the best time celebrating you two?

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